about Me


 Heidi Halder


Motto: "The more plastic it is, the realer it becomes"

Ever since I can remember I was fascinated by art. In the Philippines, a man with a big truck full of paintings would travel through our neighborhood selling his oil paintings.  They were not all the same.  Some were abstracts with thick globs of paint mixed with pieces of found metal objects and others were typical Asian scenes of caribous pulling carts with villagers walking along side.  I studied each painting my family acquired pondering the artist's technique, colors and composition - asking myself, "how do I feel when I look at this?"


My desire to produce art has been a driving force my whole life.  I stumbled into Digital Art and Photography while working on a project for myself and have been passionately creating ever since.  Prior to that experience, my energy had been indulged in Interior Design and computer programming.


The learning process is ongoing and I thrive on daily input from professional journals on the subject.  My urge to experiment utilizing the most professional software and camera equiptment are essential keys.  I view digital media as an exciting new era in the history of art whose cultivation process is in the midst of transition.


It's the personal connection that makes my art work special.  I prefer to work with real scenes and with people I actually know, as opposed to a studio set.  I want to utilize similar experiences as the contact point between myself, the subject; its audience. If you can look at my work and relate to a theme from your own experience then I have achieved my goal.


In the following pages you can get a glimpse of my work as well as my compositions.


Enjoy yourself!




"The final pictures are not simply photographs, rather the results of a process - a chain of transformations and inversions - whose completion form an object, which has detached itself from its original state."    Penelope Davis